Building on the worldwide reputation of the FRDS Gen II door found in many Air Tractor AT-802F's worldwide, Trotter Controls have developed the DataVault Plus. 

The unit is capable of both tracking and advanced firebombing data reporting, as well as Distress Messaging and other functionality.

Whilst "plug and play" for the FRDS Gen II door system, the DataVault Plus can also be configured to communicate with other fire door systems. 

The DataVault Plus meets all the mandatory requirements of tracking and event logging for fixed wing and rotary firebombing aircraft as specified by Australia's NAFC fire agency. It is also compliant with current USFS requirements.

To see the DataVault brochure and more details, please click here.

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Brands and Products

  • Air Tractor       (AIRCRAFT)
  • Pratt & Whitney       (ENGINES)
  • FireBoss       (FLOAT PLANES) 
  • FuelBoss       (FUEL HAULERS)
  • Transland       (FIRE & SPREADING)
  • Kawak       (THROTTLE CONTROL & PUMPS)
  • Crophawk - Onboard       (SPRAY FLOW CONTROL)
  • Agrinautics       (PUMPS & SPRAY VALVES)
  • Micronair       (SPRAYERS)
  • CP       (SPRAY NOZZLES)
  • Trotter       (FIRE & DATAVAULT TRACKING)
  • TracMap       (GPS NAVIGATION)
  • StormCutters       (WIRE PROTECTION)

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