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Timur Khayrov
Phone +447513052460
Licenses held
AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate
Boeing 737 300-900
Total time
Hours break up
1100 PIC Total
900 PIC on B737
250 glider towing
Aircraft experience
B737, P2006, Yak-52, DR300, 8KCAB, C150, PA28, P2002, Gliders
Work experience
Airline Captain
Glider Towing
Moving company assistant
Interpreter (English - Russian)
ASAP. Currently employed as an airline captain but am happy to be considered for any AG/ SEAT opportunity if there is one available any time.
As someone extremely passionate about aviation and always looking for more interesting challenges to develop my flying
abilities, with a background in Aeronautical Engineering and varied experience from glider towing to aerobatics to being the
Captain of a Boeing 737 airliner, I've always put an emphasis on stick and rudder skills as the backbone of my ability to handle
any type of aircraft with a high degree of precision. I would be exceptionally grateful to be considered for any AG or aerial
firefighter pilot position. I understand this is a tight industry but I am willing to make whatever personal sacrifices ncessarcy to make it work.

if any position is available in Australia or Canada I would be happy to convert my license to the relevant CAA immediately and acquire a working visa which should be fairly straight forward for a British National such as myself.

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