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AgPilotX Apple based GPS Guidance System

Price AUD $0.001 Plus 10% GST
Contact: James O'Brien
Ph   03 5330 9330
Email   airtractor@fieldair.com.au
AgPilotX Apple based GPS Guidance System
New Product - A new generation of guidance

AgPilotX is 3 x 'Smart' Components:

1) Smart Lightbar with integrated GPS/GNSS - no need to run an antenna up to the aircraft canopy.
2) Smart Hub - provides a location to connect switches and devices. Aircraft swath advance/decrease switch, spray on/off and even laser altimeter connect here. The hub also servces as a Flow Controller.
3) Ipad - An iPad Pro is provided with the AgPilotX (although there is no limitation on what Apple device is used). The iPad Pro is recommended for its high brightness, processing power and superior handling of heat.

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