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AT-802F - Initial Attack Fire Fighter

The AT-802F is the first aircraft designed from the ground up for fire fighting. The AT-802F employs a level of technology in fire gate controls not found in any other aircraft used for this purpose. The pilot may select a coverage level, amount of retardent to be dropped, make a ground speed correction and depend on the aircraft computer to make continuous door opening adjustments to provide an even flow rate through the doors for even coverage on the ground. An accelerometer senses turbulence or airplane pitch accelerations and adjusts door openings accordingly. With the controls and the accurately select coverage levels, the AT-802F's 820 gallon hopper load can do the work of 1600 + gallons from a conventional gate design. Powered by the largest of the dependable PT6A series engines, the AT-802F fully loaded has a rate of climb and cruise speed comparable to twin-engine ex-military air tankers in this size range but with the advantage of much lower maintenance and increased safety for the pilot. The quiet slow-turning prop allows the AT-802F to be based on small airports near towns and strategically located. For further details on the AT-802F, contact sales
Engine Type
P&W PT6A-67AG (optional PT6A-67F)
Engine HP & RPM
1350 @ 1700
Hopper Capacity
3,100 Lit
820 Us Gal
Take off weight
7,257 Kgs
16,000 Lbs
Landing weight
7,257 Kgs
16,000 Lbs
Empty weight
3,197 Kgs
7,050 Lbs
Useful load
4,060 Kgs
8,950 Lbs
Fuel capacity
960 Litres
1,165 (opt) Litres
1,440 (opt) Litres
254 US Gal
308 US Gal (opt)
380 US Gal (opt)
Wing span
18 metres
59.2 Ft

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