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Safety, efficiency, and simplicity of design is at the heart of the Air Tractor Fuel Boss conversion.  These proven aircraft has carried millions of litres of fuel to remote locations where road access is a problem. 

The Fuel Boss has two separate fuel compartments for its delivered fuel and so is capable of split loads, providing multiple fuel types within the one delivery.  Tank 1 holds 2,700 litres and Tank 2 holds 1,300 litres bringing the total fuel delivery up to 4,000 litres each and every flight.

Potential loads include AvGas, Petrol (Gasoline), heating fuels, diesel or Jet A1.

The Air Tractor Fuel Boss is and economical and cost effective fuel solution for remote and rural communities.

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Engine Type
Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F
Engine HP & RPM
1,600 @ 1,700 RPM
Hopper Capacity
4,000 Lit (delivered fuel)
1,056 US Gal (delivered fuel)
Take off weight
Landing weight
Empty weight
Useful load
Fuel capacity
960 Lit (aircraft own use)
1,165 Lit (opt - aircraft use)
1,440 Lit (opt - aircraft use)
254 US Gal (aircraft own use)
308 US Gal (opt - aircraft use)
380 US Gal (opt - aircraft use)
Wing span
18 metres
59.2 Ft

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