Air Tractor Models

AT-602 - Big Time Efficiency

With a powerful PT6AG-60AG engine and nearly 2,400 litre hopper, the AT-602 has the perfect mix of power and capacity for those operators who perhaps wish to change from a multi-plane to single plane operation for lower overheads and increased profits. The slow turning 5 blade prop also offers quieter operation in noise sensitive conditions.
Engine Type
P&W PT6A-60AG (-65AG Opt)
Engine HP & RPM
1050 @ 1700
Hopper Capacity
2,385 Lit
630 Us Gal
Take off weight
5,670 Kgs
12,500 Lbs
Landing weight
5,443 Kgs
8,000 Lbs
Empty weight
2,540 Kgs
5,600 Lbs
Useful load
3,129 Kgs
6,900 Lbs
Fuel capacity
817 (opt) Litres
1,105 (opt) Litres
216 US Gal (opt)
292 US Gal (opt)
Wing span
17 metres
56 Ft

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