Air Tractor Models

AT-502B - World's Most Popular Ag Plane

Our most popular size Air Tractor, with more than 800 manufactured since 1987, the AT-502B has a big 500-gallon payload so you'll make fewer trips out and back; fewer landings and take-offs. Generous 52-ft. wingspan allows wider swaths. Boost tabs for light aileron response and air conditioning are standard on the AT-502B.
Engine Type
Engine HP & RPM
750 @ 2200
Hopper Capacity
1,893 Lit
500 Us Gal
Take off weight
4,399 Kgs
9,700 Lbs
Landing weight
3,628k kgs
8,000 Lbs
Empty weight
1,950 kgs
4,297 Lbs
Useful load
2,450 kgs
5,403 Lbs
Fuel capacity
643 Litres
817 (opt) Litres
885 (opt) Litres
170 US Gal
216 US Gal (opt)
234 US Gal (opt)
Wing span
15.84 metres
52 Ft

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