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AT-402B - Move up to a Turbo Prop

The AT-402B is Air Tractor's entry-level turbine ag plane, ideal for first-time turbine owners. With its legendary PT-6 turbine engine, the 402B offers the power and superb handling characteristics that make it a joy to fly and the productivity that makes profits. Quick turn times, superior visibility, faster ferry speeds, ultra-quiet engine, shorter loaded take-off distances, faster climb and cruise speeds, wider spray patterns, decreased fuel and maintenance costs - get it all with the 402B. It all adds up to a healthier bottom line for your business.
Engine Type
P&W 680@2200-15AG
Engine HP & RPM
680 @ 2200
Hopper Capacity
1,514 Lit
400 Us Gal
Take off weight
4,160 Kgs
9,170 Lbs
Landing weight
3,175 Kgs
7,000 Lbs
Empty weight
1,782 Kgs
3,930 Lbs
Useful load
2,376 Kgs
5,240 Lbs
Fuel capacity
644 Litres
817 (opt) Litres
170 US Gal
216 US Gal (opt)
Wing span
15.5 metres
51 Ft

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